Once Tony Daley 
opens his legs, 
you've got a problem.
Howard Wilkinson


3hree Press Conference Highlights

I think we're great.
Well, I am, anyway.

Lead vocalist Aidan "Four Handles" Cooney, as he rummages urgently through the remains of his bandmates' carvery lunches.

The single is great, but the album will blow you away. It's got some great tracks about the old days on Sports Tonight like ''Swimming Gala Somewhere' and 'Rallying Again'. I sing lead on those, by the way.

Co-lead vocalist Trevor Welch

I know your man from Cork doesn't look great in the videos, but you know what they say, the camera adds sixty pounds.

Missing the irony, perhaps, Cooney gives his bandmate some "constructive criticism".

I don't agree. Anyway, tracks like 'Biased Nonsense' really showcase my vocal range.

Trevor's reply when the DangerHere correspondent in attendance put it to him that new versions of Euro-hits like 'Porto-Real Classic' and 'Any Barca Home Game' might have made better listening than mundane, populist fare such as 'Old Trafford Junket'.

Funnily enough, Trevor's not so keen on another one of his lead vocals,
'Brown, Oh Noooo OG!'.

Backing vocalist Noel, enviously known as 'One Chin King' by his big-boned band mates, in response to the above.

I played the six-key melodica in the St. SuperHoops play-school choir, you know....

King, offended by the suggestion that he is the Ringo of the band, living -perhaps literally - in the shadow of his hefty colleagues, explains his credentials.

... and that term you spent studying at the Marty Whelan School of Hair-Loss Disguise Trickery was time well spent too.

Trevor Welch in response, irritated by King's untimely reminder of one of his musical low points.

3hree Pop Facts:

Lead Vocals, Songwriting

Giant Haystacks meets Barry White

Best Lyric
'Profanity is the crutch of the ignorant, and we've had some gobshites ringing in tonight.'

Lead Vocals, Songwriting

Style - 
Noisy but harmless schoolboy on bus

Best vocal performance  'Stam's rehabili, rehabilitiation, rehablation.....'

Backing vocals

Style - 
Marty Whelan meets Roland Rat

Future - 
Vows to use his vast Internet experience to "break 3hree in the lucrative Mp3 market"




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